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Michelle Trachtenberg Flashes Her Tits

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

This is one of the ways all the young hotties start their off their career as tabloid scandal favorites.  It’s either the titty flash and nipple slip or the upskirt pics that the paparazzi catches and then it’s off to the internet where it’s spread all over the world, and saved onto every horny guy’s hard drive forever.  We were hoping Michelle Trachtenberg would start out with some upskirts instead, because she looks like she could have a very smooth, pink and cute pussy.  But with these shots of her showing off her titties, we suddenly couldn’t care less which part she decides to show off first, because her nips are just as nice as we imagine her slit would be.

Let the feeding frenzy begin, because we’re now waiting with baited breath for the other shoe to drop and for her pussy pics to start showing up just like these nice booby photosCheck out this site, if you want to see more of those Trachtenberg titties!